How to Create a Magical Life

Beta Version

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You, yes YOU, can create a magical life.

You might be saying

  • What about all those disappointments?  
  • What about all those times I thought I heard something in my knower but it didn't happen?  
  • What about all those unanswered prayers?
  •  What about affirmations and vision boards and mantras and altars and The Secret and Law of Attraction, and...?  
  • How can you tell me that your way works, when all those other things I tried didn't work?

Actually, you've been a powerful creator all along -- you were just creating scarcity instead of prosperity, or sickness instead of health.  You're an amazing creator, but you were creating things you didn't want.  There are solid reasons why you were doing this, and you were doing the very best you could in that moment.  But by helping you see WHY you were creating what you didn't want and not creating what you did want, I can help you turn your powerful abilities as a creator toward creating the magical life you want.

You don't need new tools -- you just need to clear the junk that's causing you to manifest exactly what you don't want.

Let's turn it around together!

BETA Version 2017!

‘How to Create a Magical Life – the Beta Version’ is gonna be super-special because there’s always something powerful about the first time with something new.  We  are going to create a group energy that enables all of us, me included,  to have breakthroughs in areas where we’ve been stuck for years.   Plus, this beta version will be tailored for this specific group of  people who take the course this first time -- I’m going to be tweaking  the material in response to YOU – what you need and ask for.

And did you see that price?  Only $120 for lots and lots of content, and 5 group calls.  I can guarantee I won't be doing this price ever again.  

I'll be creating the course to meet YOUR needs -- AS WE GO ALONG!  I've created the content for the first module, but the other four will depend on WHAT YOU NEED!  I have tons of tools, but instead of just slapping a bunch of them into an outline, I'm going to lead by walking just one step ahead of you each week.  I'll ask for feedback each week, and I'll craft the material for the upcoming week to meet your needs.

So as you look at the curriculum list below, you'll see that only Module 1 is packed full of content.  But you'll be getting that much EACH WEEK!

Plus, each week you will have the option of a Tuesday morning live call (9am mountain) or a Wednesday evening live call (6:30pm mountain) with me...OR YOU CAN HOP ON BOTH!  And all calls will be recorded, of course, for you to go back and listen to again.  We'll be discussing what works and doesn't work as we create magical lives, and there will be plenty of time to be coached by me right there in the group.

So don't dilly-dally -- this beta group is the bomb!  Join me and let's get you creating that magical life of yours.

We're starting NOW! (First calls are 10/10 and/or 10/11/2017.)

Course Curriculum

The Crux of Creating a Magical Life

Want to finally start creating that magical life you want?  Haven't you been wrestling with this thing long enough?  

What  would it be like to finally break through in one of 'The Big Seven,' --  love, money, health, career, calling, beloved peeps, and magic in  life's unexpected crises?


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What's included?

1 Video
1 Quiz
1 Survey
5 Texts
4 PDFs
17 Audios
Cynthia Topp
Cynthia Topp
Magical Life Coach!

About the Instructor

I’m a certified life coach,  and I’m passionate about helping people to become their most  spiritually connected, loving, healed and shining selves, able to make  the world a better place. I have more than twenty years of experience in spiritual, personal and leadership development, which means I have  zillions of tools and techniques that have helped me in my own pursuit  of awakening and growth, and that I’ve taught to others for their  development. I love watching my clients explore their essential selves  and find amazing healing for their souls.

Okay, seriously, what the heck are you waiting for?  Your  magical life is out there, waiting for you to create it. I know you can  scrounge up $120. Heck, have a garage sale or hit up your best friend  for a loan.  You won't regret it!

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